New Jersey Security Guard Service

Security USA, Inc. has expanded its service area to include New Jersey to better serve our many clients throughout the New York tri-state area.

New Jersey is situated between the major commerce centers of New York and Pennsylvania, which has made it very attractive to industrial and manufacturing concerns throughout its history. The availability of large tracts of land at a more reasonable cost has contributed to the growth of warehousing and other business concerns that require large facilities. Security USA, Inc.'s dedication to using the best security technology to support the work of our well-trained licensed professional security guards makes us a top choice for industrial, warehousing and manufacturing concerns.

During the 20th century, New Jersey became a major center for the defense industry, with the building of many defense related factories. In recent years, there has been a revitalization of Jersey City, Newark and other New Jersey cities within easy reach of Manhattan. They have become the new home for many businesses that have left the city for the lower real estate and tax rates of New Jersey. Vacation and tourism destinations, like the Jersey Shore and Atlantic City have continued to thrive. Security USA, Inc. provides detailed security plans, including documented standard operating procedures (SOP) for a wide range of industries, including hotels and casinos, and our management's background in the military makes us the perfect security company for defense contractors.