Ulster County Security Guard Service

Ulster County, NY has a history rich in tradition and recreation. In the early to mid-20th Century, Ulster County was part of the region known as the Borscht Belt, filled with popular vacation resorts which served as entertainment venues for musicians and comedians.

Many of the most popular entertainers of the latter part of the century got their start in entertainment in hotels in Ulster County.  Very few of those hotels are still in operation, but Ulster County continues to hold a fond place in the memories of many people who continue to vacation in the region, though it is more likely to be in second homes.

Large parts of Catskill Park and the Catskill Forest Preserve are located within the borders of Ulster County, making it a prime recreational area that is not too distant from New York City.  Summer brings special events like the Ulster County Fair and others at the county's many outdoor venues.  Security USA, Inc. has provided top-notch security services for special events throughout the New York Metropolitan area.  Not only do we provide the best trained professional security guards, but we can also provide the access control devices and metal detector equipment needed to screen event goers as they arrive.  Crowd control is an extremely important part of the security services required for special events.  An event that was intended to be fun can turn into chaos in the event of an emergency if there is no one present who is adequately trained in crowd control.

Security USA, Inc. broad experience allows us to professionally maintain crowd control and other aspects of special event security as readily as we can provide school security, retail security or security for hospitals, houses of worship and other public places.

Businesses and institutions in Kingston and throughout Ulster County can get New York City security services from Security USA, Inc. just as readily as our clients in midtown Manhattan.  Give us a call to find out how affordable it can be to have security services from Security USA, Inc. protecting your way of life.