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Campus Safety

We have highlighted the most crucial elements of a robust security guard system for college campuses. Universities are upping their security protocols and often employ high level secuirty measures to keep their students and faculty safe.

K9 Unit Functions

This is a basic article indicating the main roles and functions of a K9 unit.

Tips for Walking Home Safe at Night

Walking home at night could be a daunting task if you are not properly equipped with plans and the right selection of tools/knowledge. Here are some tips for walking home safe at night.

Update in Home Security Camera Industry

Advances in facial recognition and mobile connection are quickly changing the home camera system. New startups are filling gaps in that traditional home camera installation companies have missed.

Security and Emergency Preparedness

We outline the Department of Homeland Security's detailed report on major sector security threats and preparedness. It is important for every industry to take a thorough look at this during the process of planning new security measures for their business.