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Central Monitoring Control Services

Central Monitoring Control Services

Whether your premises are protected by traditional cameras or the latest in facial recognition technology, a CCTV system is only as good as its program of monitoring and response. Security USA™ maintains a central monitoring program which allows our clients to optimize the function and cost-effectiveness of their CCTV and other surveillance systems by having their camera feed tracked 24/7 by trained professionals. In the event of suspicious or unusual activity, our agents immediately alert our management, on-site security and the proper authorities (police or fire), to ensure the quick response needed to protect your people and property.

Benefits of Central Monitoring

Central monitoring is supports your CCTV security plan at a lower cost than on-site monitoring. Rates are based on the number of cameras or zones and can be an affordable alternative to maintaining staff on site to monitor your feed. With central monitoring services, your building is never unattended and anyone on premises is never alone. Regardless of whether there is a guard on duty in your building, the feed is being monitored, and you can be assured that your people, your premises and your property are safe.

Central monitoring of a CCTV feed is the ideal security solution for off shifts and restricted access areas. Cameras can be watched constantly or on movement activated watch - where the agent on duty is alerted only if movement is detected in an area where there should not be any, creating an even greater savings on your security services. Corporate record and supply rooms, are ideal applications for movement activated feed system, as are hours when your facility is closed and overnight shifts on construction sites.

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