Fire Guards / Fire Safety Directors

Fire Safety Directors Service

Fire Safety Directors (FSD) are licensed to work in residential buildings and commercial facilities, hotels and motels in accordance with local requirements. Security USA® Fire Safety Directors' duties include the following, among others:

  • Notifying building occupants in the event of fire
  • Facilitating the evacuation of the building in an emergency
  • Coordinating contact with the fire department during fire safety operations with detailed information on location of fire, evacuation and problems with equipment, if any.
  • Maintenance and implementation of the fire safety plan
  • Supervision and training of fire brigade, floor wardens, deputy floor wardens and building evacuation supervisors
  • Conducting fire safety drills as required
  • Maintaining records as required by law

Business and residential facility owners rely on professional fire prevention services to allow operations to run safely and without disruption. Security USA®s offers Fireguards and Fire Safety Directors whose training is in compliance with all local fire department ordinances.