Special Event Security

Special Event Security Service

Security USA® is among the leading providers of special event security in the nation. Our founder’s experience in the special services division of the Israeli Defense Forces provides a solid background in anticipating and avoiding threats in crowded public places. We understand that special event security needs to be thorough without being overwhelming.

In planning for your special event security, our consultants review the logistics of the venue, the exposure to risk and a host of other factors in determining the ideal strategy for securing your event. We use a wide variety of security technologies along with our staff of highly trained professional security and bodyguards to ensure that your event goes smoothly. Our crowd control strategies utilize crowd profiling techniques in addition to access, surveillance and weapon detection technology. We provide an on-site security director to supervise all security operations on the day of your event, along with unarmed or armed guards, utilizing lethal or non-lethal weapons as required.

Security USA® Provides Effective Event Security for:

  • Concerts and performances
  • Sporting events
  • Charity events
  • Black-tie affairs
  • Business conferences & trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Private parties
  • Movie premieres and red-carpet events
  • Movie sets
  • Parades
  • High profile legal cases