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Doorman Services (Virtual)

Virtual Security and Doorman Services

Security USA® offers traditional doorman and concierge services, but circumstances, like a tight budget or insufficient lobby space might require the use of virtual security and doorman / gatekeeper services as a replacement or supplement to your front entrance staff. Our virtual security and doorman services can be a cost effective alternative that will not sacrifice your residents' safety.

How Security USA® Virtual Doorman Services Work

When a visitor enters your building, they speak to an agent at our central monitoring station who can see and hear them via audio-visual technology. Our staff member notifies the resident, who indicates whether or not to admit them. No visitor will be admitted without the resident’s specific instruction to do so. Residents can notify central monitoring of an expected guest or delivery in advance through our software and create pre-set permissions for housekeepers, dog-walkers and others who require frequent access. Security USA®'s virtual security and doorman service can be a convenient and cost effective option for residential rental buildings, condominiums, co-ops and gated communities, regardless of size or location. With in New York City, Security USA® can also provide virtual concierge services, which can be purchased separately.

Our virtual security and doorman service is like having a round-the-clock front door attendant who never sleeps. There is no need to change shifts. Our service works 24/7, providing convenience and peace of mind to your residents. The virtual security and doorman service is a highly effective independent system, but can also be used to reduce costs as support for a traditional doorman or to cover the overnight shift.

Gated Communities

Similar to our virtual security and doorman service, our virtual gatekeeper service saves gated communities money while improving safety and convenience for residents. Communities can continue to use their existing remote control gate access or install our license plate recognition technology to provide secure resident access without staffing costs. Our strategically located cameras can monitor all vehicles that enter or leave the premises, regardless of the time or access method.