Aventura Security Guard Service

As a planned community, the city of Aventura, Florida boasts large numbers of condominiums, along with the Aventura Mall and numerous retail and service businesses.

Security is an important part of the safety and convenience of condominiums, and Security USA, Inc. is Miami-Dade County's number one choice for condominium security.  Especially in communities where residents may own multiple dwellings and only spend part of the year in each, maintaining a safe, secure and comfortable environment is critical.

At Security USA, Inc, we go the extra mile to make certain that the licensed professional security guards selected for each of our clients are a great match to the needs and culture of the site.  As necessary, we select guards who speak the same languages as your residents, helping to maintain the feeling of being at home.  Our guards in Aventura, Florida speak Hebrew, Yiddish and other languages, in addition to English.  Our guards can dress in official uniform to stand out, or in casual to formal clothing to fit in with those around them.

Our specialty is selecting and utilizing the best in integrated security technology to keep costs down while keeping effectiveness up.  Our surveillance systems can help to keep the cost of manpower down while providing excellent security for parking lots, basements, corridors, elevators, laundry rooms and more.  The appeal of a condominium complex is directly related to how safe and comfortable residents feel.  When looking for a security services company in Aventura, Florida, Security USA, Inc is a logical choice.  Call us today to find out how we can make life better for your condominium residents