Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Optimal healthcare cannot be administered in an environment filled with fear and intimidation. Whether your operation is a small community based hospital or office, or a major medical center, Security USA® will provide unparalleled medical facility security. We work with clinic and hospital security directors to create a security plan that best utilizes human resources and technology for your facility's unique needs while remaining budget-friendly. Not only can we secure your property and protect your staff, patients and visitors, but we utilize the controlled substances security manual guidelines to meet or exceed their recommendations for security of controlled substances and other medications and supplies. Our services include access and perimeter control, a variety of surveillance technologies, roving patrol, and a parking lot escort service. We can also provide any vehicles necessary to maintain the security of your extended physical plant.

With reimbursement levels from insurance companies and the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) trending downward, it’s more important than ever that healthcare facilities invest in advanced hospital security services at affordable rates that can help:

  • Maximize safety and security for your employees, physicians, patients, and visitors
  • Reduce incidents of workplace violence from both patients and visitors, and mitigate the threat thereof
  • Maintain safety of both the interior and exterior of your healthcare facility
  • Reduce or eliminate theft of supplies or pilferage
  • Maintain security of controlled substances in accordance with guidelines in the controlled substances security manual
  • Provide peace of mind for your employees, physicians, patients, and visitors through a visible, professional security presence

Security USA® can help your medical office meet all of your healthcare and hospital security goals with our blend of cutting-edge technology and highly trained personnel. With our rigorous training program, we provide licensed officers who can detect and prevent potential threats to life and property using advanced surveillance techniques, detect any criminal activity, watch for planned acts of terrorism, and be prepared to respond to all emergencies including natural disasters, fire and power failure. We require our officers to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, contributing to a more comfortable environment for your patients and staff.

Medical facility security officers provided by Security USA® are required to prepare frequent reports, and be capable of using conflict resolution techniques to support the optimal functioning of the daily operations of your healthcare facility.

Security USA® is committed to using the best improvements in technology to help us meet the needs of our clients. Technological advancements allow us to provide virtual gatekeeper services with or without the use of license plate recognition technology, which can be used for parking areas. Our proprietary facial recognition software allows healthcare facilities to screen those entering the premises against a database of known felons or others who should not be on the premises, like disgruntled former employees. These technological advances give healthcare facilities options that allow them to reduce costs while enhancing security.

We minimize risks and maximize security for healthcare facilities with our innovative approach to total security solutions, integrating cutting-edge technologies with our world-class expertise to create security plans that are both effective and cost effective.