Neighborhood Watch & Crime Prevention

Neighborhood Watch & Crime Prevention Service

Let Security USA®'s well-trained security guards form the basis of your New York neighborhood watch program. Our management works with local law enforcement, community leaders, elected officials and local community boards, to create security solutions that are a seamless fit for your neighborhood. Security USA® can provide trained security professionals to serve as armed or unarmed guards for your patrols and monitoring. In keeping with local laws, our guards can be dressed in standard security uniform, or customized uniforms modified to your specifications. We select and assign officers who speak the languages of the residents of your neighborhood, helping to avoid the possibility of tragic misunderstandings. We make it a priority to find the best match for your community neighborhood right from the start so you can benefit from the comfort, trust and security engendered by a consistent presence of the same personnel over the long term.

If your neighborhood watch involves a larger area, we can provide marked vehicles for patrol officers, saving you the expense and liability of purchasing and maintaining the patrol vehicles. We also offer a broad selection of technology which can be an integral part of a neighborhood watch, including surveillance cameras and monitoring, facial recognition software and license plate readers. Our combination of highly trained guards and the right technology can be an effective security solution for your neighborhood watch needs that is also affordable.