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Canine (K-9)

Canine (K-9)

Developed for High-risk Situations, Security Usa’s Canine (k9) Division is here to Protect Your Way Of Life

Security USA, Inc. Canine (K-9) experts are among the most effective and productive security tools available today. Statistically, it has been proven that crime rates drop and community support increases in areas where sociable, controlled, well trained service dogs are deployed.

The Canine (K9) division has been expanded to include foot patrols for customer sites and can be used in crowd control situations for major events. The use of a dog in conjunction with trained security agents adds a high level of deterrence and peace of mind for Security USA® customers.

Security USA, Inc. can patrol your facility’s perimeter and present a pro-active rather than reactive security solution.

To learn more about our Security USA® Canine (K9) unit contact our Special Services Division at 212-594-3253.